Sunday Roundup: 14th of May 2017

Sunday Round up for the week ending the 14th of May 2017:


  • Freedom Fighting - A collection of scripts which may come in handy during your freedom fighting activities:
  • When Bad Guys are Pwning Bad Guys:
  • PwnBin – Python Pastebin Search Tool:
  • Mass Triage Part 3: Processing Returned Files - At Jobs:
  • scanless – A Public Port Scan Scraper:
  • Exploiting Vulnerable Pandas:
  • ssh_scan – Verifies Your SSH Server Configuration and Policy in Linux:
  • Hacker dumps, magnet links, and you:
  • Quickpost: Internet Zone IDs:
  • WarChild - Denial of Service Testing Suite:


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If you found some other interesting stuff this week feel free to leave a link to it in the comments section.