Crypto vs. Ads

With showtime, the guardian and the pirate bay trying browser based crypto currency mining instead of ads it's signalling a big change in online revenue generation.

This blog itself has been using amazon ads for a number of months which for the most part are great. I have noticed however there is a large correlation between ad revenue and frequency of posting. So in a sense it means I have to post more frequently to make more money from ads which in turns costs more as it means more time has to go into content creation.

This has resulted in me doing some research into browser based mining and if I get some feedback from one of the crypto mining providers I may trial it out on the blog.

Just be warned that there will actually be an advanced notice if this occurs ;)  

I'm interested in hearing some of your thoughts on the subject below. feel free to leave a comment on your views on this!

Until next time!

The Security Sleuth  

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